Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ma! I'm On the (Internet) Radio!

I spend dozens of hours a week listening to podcasts (one of the reasons I love Google Listen on my Nexus One). One of the pioneers of podcasting is Pwop Studios and their long-running .NET Rocks! podcast.

This has been one of my favorites for many years and finally, after all of this time, I get a few minutes of fame. You can listen for yourself here:
  .NET Rocks! show 565 - Steve Evans Compares Amazon and Azure.

The podcast gets about 2 million downloads a month, so I am very excited to contribute to such a popular show, even if for only 3 minutes or so. My email starts about 7 minutes in, but if you are a .NET developer, please listen to the whole show. It is a free resource that has contributed greatly to my professional growth over the last several years and I'm very grateful that they provide this kind of content for free. On top of that, there's great humor and real people on this show that really keep you coming back. Shows like this make my long commute bearable and educational!

I'm particularly interested in finishing listening to this episode as I am very interested in the different emerging cloud platforms, and these guys are terrific at drawing out the content that gives you enough of a base understanding so that you know enough to learn more in a targeted, informed fashion.


And now, my 15 minutes are up.